Looking for an artist to play a musical event?  Tania will play her originals combined with worship music and some fun cover tunes while spreading the gospel through music and fellowship and laughter.  For more information visit her contact page.

Tania's music ministry is designed for groups who are interested in learning more about the Lord or deepening their relationship with Him.  It is perfect for church groups and events.  She plays mostly her original works and shares the stories behind each song.  This includes deep sharing of some of the trials in her life and how God has worked within those trials.  Scriptural references and praise play an important role in her ministry.  For more information visit the contact page.


Just because Tania is a solo artist, don't worry about getting a lesser quality music experience than what you hear on her recorded music.  Employing self created background tracks along with live vocal and guitar performance; people can hear her songs as they were intended; with beautiful harmonies and various instruments so that her live performance mirrors her recordings.

Tania has all of her own equipment and you don't need to have a thing but a power outlet and the ability to get the word out.  If you are interested or need more information, send her a message through the contact form and she'll be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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Christian venues often can not afford to pay artists to come minister and there are many cost associated with travel, instruments, PA, and CD creation. Please support your local Christian artists and venues.  Thank you.